Are you eager to begin preparing for your family reunion? Finding the perfect venue for a reunion can be a daunting task. From budgeting to finding fun activities for everyone, there are many factors to consider when planning the perfect event. To help you get started, we’ve put together this guide of tips to consider before booking your perfect reunion venue.

Establish a Budget

As with any gathering, budget is an important factor when it comes to picking the right family reunion venue. You will want to make sure that you have enough money set aside for food, drinks, and other expenses associated with the event. Make sure that you also factor in any extra costs for additional features such as entertainment or decorations. It’s also recommended that you set aside some money for unexpected costs so that you don’t have any surprises down the line.

Consider the Size of Your Reunion Two women hugging and embracing

The size of your family reunion will be an important factor when looking at potential venues. You will want to make sure that the venue has enough room and can accommodate all of your guests comfortably while still being able to provide them with enjoyable activities and amenities. If your family is large, look into venues with multiple rooms so that people can move around and enjoy different areas of the space without feeling cramped or overwhelmed by too many people in one area.

Pick a Conveniently Located Venue

When selecting a location for your family reunion, it’s important to choose one that is convenient for everyone who will attend. Consider how far away each guest lives from the potential location and pick one that is relatively close so that no one has to travel too far from home. This will make it easier for everyone involved and ensure that no one ends up missing out on all of the fun because they had too long of a commute!

Find a Venue with Plenty of Activities for Kids and Adults

Family party outside with hanging decorationsHaving plenty of activities available is key when hosting a successful family reunion. Look into venues that offer amenities such as game rooms, swimming pools, playgrounds, mini golf courses, etc., so that kids and adults alike can find something fun to do while they’re there! Not only will this keep everyone entertained but it will also help create memories that last well beyond the end of your event!

Find Accommodations

When selecting a location for your family reunion, make sure you have access to accommodations if necessary. If some of your guests are coming from out-of-town or if they need somewhere safe and comfortable to stay during their visit then make sure there are options nearby where they can book rooms or even rent an entire house if desired. This way everyone can relax knowing they have somewhere comfortable (and affordable!) to lay their head after a long day spent celebrating!

Picking the perfect venue for your next family reunion doesn’t have to be hard as long as you take into account these factors before making your final decision! By following these steps closely before booking anything, you’ll be sure to end up with an amazing place where years worth of memorable moments are made!

Come Together at Staurolite Barn

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