Are you planning a family reunion and need some tips to make things easy? When family reunions are planned with everyone in mind, they can be beautiful and reconnect relatives. They don’t, however, appear out of the blue. Someone needs to organize them carefully. If that “someone” is you, here are 5 tips for planning a fantastic family reunion that will be worth remembering for years to come.

1. List Everyone You Will Invite

Family dinner at a family reunionThe first thing you should do when planning a family reunion is to create a list of who you will invite. Focusing on location and thinking about the logistics of a family reunion can make things easier when you have a guest list.

Are you only planning to invite everyone that lives in the same city as you? Remember that it might be difficult for those who live far away to join you.

Making a guest list will also enable you to see how big of a reunion you are planning and how you should arrange the other pieces of the event. Knowing who to expect, and potentially when to expect them, may help your reunion run smoothly.

2. Find a Good Date

If you made your guest list and realized that your reunion might be a large gathering, picking a date that will suit everyone on your list can be tricky. As long as your reunion date fits the majority of the guests’ availability, sticking to it will make things easier.

3. Choose the Location

Family sitting together for a family mealIf you aren’t sure where to organize your family reunion, assessing the type of location you need can help you decide.

Are you going to pick a campground, or do you have a backyard that is spacious enough? Will you collaborate with a bed and breakfast, or do you have the option to go all-in with a destination reunion?

With your budget and the venue in mind, choose a place with the most value for your money and you’ll be good to go!

4. Don’t Be Strict on Time

Making sure you pick a wide time range for the event will have multiple advantages.

Those who have other matters to deal with before joining you at the reunion will be relieved to learn that they will not miss out on the day and can at least partially join you.

Not being strict on time will also allow people to be calm when getting things ready and enjoy their time together. One of the biggest things people look forward to in family reunions is casual conversations that give them the chance to catch up with those they haven’t been in contact with for a while.

5. Get Professional Help If You Need To

Family reunions can be huge if you choose to invite extended family members as well. They are a celebration of coming together.

If you don’t want to do anything other than determine who you will invite, hiring event specialists and having them prepare your well-organized and meticulously-planned family reunion is the most efficient option.

Just choose your location, and leave it into the hands of those who do it best. The only thing you will have to do is enjoy the day and reconnect with your family members!

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