You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now that you’ve popped some champagne and curated the perfect Instagram post to announce it to your friends, it’s time to get down to the business of planning your dream wedding. A barn wedding venue is one of the best options to consider for spouses-to-be who want to start organizing their wedding first. Your location affects many decisions that will need to be made, and one of the best possibilities to consider is a barn wedding venue. There are numerous advantages to holding your wedding in a barn.

Ray-ey-ain On Your Wedding Day

Bride and groom jump like a children in puddlesAs the great Alanis Morissette once said, “It figures.” You’ve gone through months of planning, and every detail is perfect, from the dress to the napkin rings. You’re ready to walk down the aisle, and boom, thunderstorms. With a barn wedding venue, this worry won’t even cross your mind. These beautiful spaces are completely covered, but often have several sets of large doors and windows that can open up to the beautiful landscape surrounding you. This is an asset to a wedding party, whether you want to let the sunshine in or keep the rain out.

One-Stop-Shop For Your Venue And Reception

One of the best things about choosing a barn wedding location is that you won’t have to worry about finding a second venue for your reception. Many barn wedding venues are large enough to accommodate both the ceremony and reception in the same space, or provide a separate building where the reception can be held. This frees you and your guests up from worrying about travel and takes the stress out of scheduling multiple venues, vendors, and more.

Tons Of Space!

Another huge asset of barn wedding venues is their impressive square footage. These buildings once held livestock, large machinery, and so much more. All of that now open and empty space is just waiting to be filled with the joy and excitement of your event. Whether you would prefer a small and intimate gathering with 50 of your closest friends and family, or a large and extravagant event with 150 or more guests, barn weddings are able to accommodate any event.Gay couple dancing on their wedding day

Barn Wedding Venues Are A Blank Canvas

Many couples have the misconception that barn weddings are for rustic-style weddings only. This simply isn’t true. The beauty of many modern barn wedding venues is that they are a blank canvas to be styled however you like. The lofted ceilings can display greenery; fabric can be hung from the rafters; and lightbulbs and ropes can be hung all around, all of which create totally different atmospheres. Whatever your wedding theme or aesthetic, barn venues are completely customizable to fit your needs.

Stunning Photo Opportunities

Night wedding ceremony with candles, lanterns and lamps on tree. Bride and groom holding hands on background of bulb lights, back view.

Ask any couple, married or engaged, and they will all say great photos are at the top of their list of must-haves on their wedding day. Barn wedding venues provide more than enough opportunities to capture special moments between you and your wedding party, as well as your guests and the ceremony. Many venues have gorgeous landscapes perfect for large group photos and intimate couples portraits. When using other venues, finding space for photos of wedding parties, family and friends can sometimes be difficult, but barn venues offer the total package.

Create the Perfect Setting at Staurolite Barn!

When it comes to choosing your venue, barn weddings are simply the superior choice. They offer all of the above benefits and so much more. The beautiful scenery and flexibility of the space will provide the perfect setting to create and enjoy your magical day, and what better place than Staurolite Barn, nestled in the heart of Blue Ridge, Georgia? Our gorgeous views, incredible property, and expert services make us the superior choice in wedding venues. Wedding dates are being reserved faster than ever. Visit our website to contact us for more info and a quote today!


Staurolite Barn’s indoor and outdoor venue is open during all seasons of the year for you to schedule your event. Curious about what else we can offer in our event space? Have any questions about our space or venue? Contact us today to get all of your questions answered!