If you’ve been asked to shoot a wedding in a barn, you know that it can be a beautiful, rustic setting for your photos. Whether the barn is big or small, there are certain strategies that will ensure you capture all of the special moments of the day. Read on to find out some helpful tips for shooting in a wedding barn.

Scouting the Location

It’s essential to survey the location before your shoot. This is especially important when working with an unfamiliar space like a barn where there could be unexpected obstacles or hazards that you may need to work around or avoid altogether. When scouting, make sure to look for any uneven flooring or unstable structures that could be dangerous for your subjects and guests during the ceremony or reception. Additionally, take note of any natural lighting sources as well as any areas that are too dark and require additional lighting equipment.

Talking to Wedding Barn OwnersPerson holding camera showing a picture on the digital display

While scouting, don’t forget to talk to the owners! They can provide useful information about the history of the building and what makes it unique compared to other wedding venues. Also, check with them ahead of time if they have restrictions on how you should use their space, such as what type of equipment you can bring in or whether flash photography is allowed since some barns may have animals living inside them. Talking with the owners will also give you an idea of which areas are off-limits so that you don’t accidentally end up getting shots from angles they don’t want to be photographed!

Using Flash Diffusers

When shooting indoors in low light settings, it can be difficult to capture clear images without using a flash diffuser. A flash diffuser helps soften and spread out harsh light from flashes so that your pictures come out looking more natural and less harsh than if they were taken without one. Additionally, flash diffusers help reduce shadows so that even if there is not enough natural light coming into your space, you won’t have dark patches in your photos!

Maximizing Natural Light

Utilizing natural light to its fullest can dramatically improve the quality of your photos. Learn how to work with the available light throughout the day and position your subjects to take advantage of the most flattering angles and illumination.

Capturing Candid Moments

Capturing candid moments is essential for telling the full story of any wedding day, especially one set in the rustic charm of a barn. These unscripted, natural shots often become the most cherished memories for the couple, showcasing genuine emotion and interaction. To excel at this, always be ready with your camera, anticipating laughter, tears, and affectionate glances that naturally occur throughout the day. Position yourself strategically, blending into the background when possible, to catch these authentic moments without drawing attention to yourself. Remember, the key is observation and anticipation; being aware of the environment and the guests’ dynamics will help you capture the essence of the couple’s special day.

Post-Production Tips

After the excitement of the wedding day and the photography session in a rustic barn setting, it’s time to move on to the critical phase of post-production. This stage is where your photographs transform from good to great. Begin by meticulously selecting the best images from the day. Look for those that capture the mood, setting, and emotions most vividly.
Editing should enhance the photo’s natural beauty without overdoing effects; remember, the aim is to retain the authentic, rustic charm of the barn setting. Utilize editing software to adjust exposure, color balance, and sharpness to bring out the best in each image. For barn weddings, adding a slight warmth can often enhance the cozy, rustic feel. Don’t forget to back up your edited files securely losing them could be disastrous. Lastly, consider the couple’s preferences in your editing style. Their input is invaluable in creating a final product that they’ll cherish forever.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When photographing at a wedding, there are often many distractions from guests milling about to decorations being moved around, so it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings. Try not to get too close to guests who may be talking or eating, as this can create unwanted noise on your shots as well as blurriness due to movement which can ruin otherwise great photographs! Additionally, make sure not to trip over cords or props while moving around since these can also cause problems with capturing clear images. Taking photos in a barn-style venue offers its own unique set of challenges but also provides opportunities for stunningly beautiful images perfect for capturing all those special moments from someone’s big day!

Client Presentation and DeliveryProfessional wedding photographer with two cameras on a shoulder straps takes pictures of the bride and groom in a garden

After the hard work of capturing the wedding day and meticulous post-production editing, presenting your photographs to the clients is the final, critical step. This phase is not just about delivering images; it’s about showcasing the story of their special day in the most compelling way. It is advisable to select a professional, easy-to-navigate online gallery for presenting the images. This modern approach allows couples to easily view, share, and select their favorite photos for printing.
Additionally, consider offering a personalized viewing session where you can guide them through the images, sharing stories and insights from their day. This not only personalizes the experience but also strengthens your relationship with the clients. Remember, the presentation should reflect the quality and care you’ve put into capturing their wedding, leaving them with not just photos, but cherished memories, beautifully presented.

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