Most married couples would agree that planning their wedding wasn’t exactly easy. There are a lot of logistics to consider and your wedding location is a big part of that. If you’re considering a barn wedding venue for your special day, then there are a few things you should consider before choosing the venue.

Barn Wedding Venue vs Normal Venue

Candle and lighting decorations at barn wedding venue

One of the reasons you might be considering a barn wedding venue is because it’s not like your traditional wedding. Where a normal wedding venue is more conventional, having your wedding at a barn is much more casual. For that reason there are some things that a venue at a barn might not offer that a normal wedding venue would. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing the venue for your wedding.

Venue Logistics

Well first off, you want to make sure the barn you’re interested in actually has a permit to host events like a wedding. If you’re planning on drinking it’s also important to know if they have a license to serve alcohol. Once you know if they can host you then you need to find out if they’re only renting out the space or if they’ll be able to supply you with the necessary equipment. Not all venues will supply things like chairs, tables, glassware, etc. and you’ll end up having to find somewhere else to get them. This also includes generators for power and if they supply the lighting or not. Having to go to the bathroom in the woods probably isn’t ideal, so you’ll also want to make sure they have restrooms or if you’ll need to rent portable ones and bring them in.

Space for Guests

Tables set for guests at barn wedding venue

Whether or not you’re having a large wedding you’ll need to know if there is adequate space for your guests. Figure out exactly how many people will be attending your wedding and ask them if there’s room to fit them all. You won’t only need space for seating though. Considering that your guests will have to drive to the venue it’s important to know what kind of parking they have and how many spots there are. Is there on-site parking or will your guests have to park nearby? If you’re having disabled guests will there be handicap parking and will the venue be wheelchair accessible? You and your guests may also need to prepare themselves for the wedding while they’re there. So ask if there is an indoor space where people can get dressed and ready for the wedding.

How’s the Weather?

One of the nice things about having a barn wedding is its natural surroundings. Taking advantage of an outdoor barn wedding venue allows you and your guests to blend with nature while celebrating your special day. Taking pictures out in gorgeous fields, in front of trees, or with mountains as a backdrop will create more meaningful and lasting memories, compared to an indoor room lit by fluorescent lights. Why not take advantage of our beautiful world and incorporate the gorgeous nature into your own special day? If you do plan for an outdoor barn wedding venue, consider different details like providing walking shoes to switch out from high heels, or sunglasses for guests if they are to be outside for periods of time.

Do You Want to Learn More About Barn Weddings?

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