Jackie and Todd Burkhalter, who are both North Georgia natives, have created a beautiful indoor and outdoor event space that incorporates the gorgeous natural landscape into the venue property!

Staurolite Barn in Mineral Bluff, Georgia, is a brand new barn wedding venue with indoor and outdoor event options as well. From weddings and family reunions, to formal dinners, corporate events, and nearly anything else you can think of, Staurolite Barn is an amazing indoor and outdoor space. Come discover everything this naturally aesthetic venue property has to offer!

The Staurolite Barn

The rustic-modern barn is over 2,300 square feet of space to use as a barn wedding venue, family reunion location, corporate event party, along with many other endless possibilities! The Staurolite Barn wedding venue includes an enclosed glass stairway leading upstairs to the different suite rooms.

Bridesmaids in cowboy boots

Bridal Suite and Prep Room

The bridal suite is connected to the bridal prep room by double doors to give any bridal party room and space to spread out. With plenty of area to get dressed and prepare, our bridal suite and prep room in the barn wedding venue will make getting ready for your special day even more special!

We also have a color-changing neon sign that is the perfect place for group photos!

The Last Chance Saloon

While the bridal party gets ready in the bridal suite, the groomsmen can gather in the Last Chance Saloon, which is complete with a wet bar, billiards table, and flat-screen TV! This den is perfect for relaxing and staying out of sight from the rest of the barn wedding venue.

Commercial Kitchen

In addition to our barn wedding venue and gorgeous property, Staurolite Barn also provides a fully-equipped, commercial kitchen for catering events. Professional caterers will feel right at home in our kitchen with enough space and equipment to cook for all of your guests! We also have a professional sommelier to choose the best wines for whichever event you might have.


Instead of leaving to go to a hotel, why not stay on the property itself? Come stay the night in our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, fully-furnished apartment! This extra 1,700 square feet is available to rent for any event. Why spend half of your time traveling to and from the event property when you don’t need to leave at all!

Chairs set up outdoors for wedding audienceThe Natural Property

Our indoor and outdoor property spans across 17.5 acres of stunning natural features including a pond, creek, grassy knolls and plenty more for you to explore! When you enter, you’ll follow the main drive towards the barn wedding venue that was once an old horse path. The Blue Ridge Mountains will be the backdrop no matter where you are on the property. Several retired horses that live on the property will roam the fields as you saunter through the landscape. The old homestead chimney has also been converted into an outdoor fire pit for a relaxing evening under the stars after your day filled with friends, family, and gorgeous nature!

Staurolite Barn Indoor and Outdoor Event Venue

Taking its name from the vein of staurolite running through the property, Staurolite Barn incorporates the natural aesthetics of the landscape into a wonderful event venue. No matter what type of event you plan to host, we promise it will be a magical day for you and your guests.

Visit our website to browse pictures of our property and get an idea of the landscape, because pictures cannot compare to the real thing! Reach out to us at (706) 203-4768 if you are interested in more information!


Staurolite Barn’s indoor and outdoor venue is open during all seasons of the year for you to schedule your event. Curious about what else we can offer in our event space? Have any questions about our space or venue? Contact us today to get all of your questions answered!