Planning a barn wedding can be an exciting experience, as barn venues offer a rustic charm that creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone. However, barn weddings come with their own unique set of wedding dress code rules and guidelines to ensure everything goes smoothly. From choosing the right attire to managing guest expectations, having knowledge of barn wedding dress code is essential for making your barn wedding a success.

Dress Code is a Must

Bride's maids holding out flower bouquetsIn recent years, barn weddings have become very popular and for good reason – barns create a beautiful setting for a special, rustic-inspired celebration. However, the barn wedding dress code is an important consideration when planning your barn wedding. The venue and location should determine the dress code you set for your guests.

For example, if you’re getting married in a barn that is located on a farm, you may want to suggest that your guests dress in casual, or country-inspired attire. If the barn wedding venue is more formal, then you may want to suggest semi-formal or formal attire for guests. Regardless of the specific dress code required, make sure it’s communicated clearly and in advance to your guests so that they are able to dress appropriately. You may also want to produce an example of what types of clothing would be appropriate for the barn wedding venue, such as a shirt with slacks or a pretty dress.

Color Combos

The colors of your wedding will mark the base for your wedding. Matching colors can also be a part of your barn wedding dress code. Go for shades of blush and gray, or subtle, but bright, colors like mint or lavender for guests. These colors are complementary to barn décor and provide plenty of variety without being too distracting.

When choosing a color, consider the barn wedding venue itself as an outdoor location; selecting colors that are in sync with nature can make for a striking overall aesthetic. Share specific guidelines, such as no jeans or no flip-flops, so everyone can look their best for the barn wedding. Remember, barn weddings are about bringing people together in a relaxed rustic atmosphere – think casual chic when assigning dress code colors and guidelines. Have fun with it, and make sure the guests are cohesive with the décor!

The Right Shoes Matter

Wedding party at a table having dinner outdoorsWhen attending a barn wedding, it is important to dress appropriately and consider the venue. Shoes should be chosen with care so that they are comfortable yet stylish. A barn wedding will often have an outdoor or rural setting, making sandals and other open-toed shoes inappropriate. Instead, opt for closed-toes shoes such as flats, loafers, or dressy ballet flats. For men, a pair of loafers or dress shoes are the ideal option; tone-on-tone sockless loafers are also a great choice for barn weddings.

If you plan on dancing at the reception, it is best to choose shoes with non-slip soles to avoid any slips and falls. For a barn wedding, remember to keep your shoes comfortable and appropriate for the outdoor setting. Boots that provide support and add a stylish touch to your wedding barn look are a perfect pick. Tall riding boots offer an elegant, timeless feel that can work for any barn wedding venue. For something a bit more modern, try flat ankle boots with a low heel. With the right shoes, you can look great and enjoy yourself comfortably at any barn wedding celebration!

The Perfect Barn Wedding Venue

Staurolite Barn is the perfect barn wedding venue for couples looking to create a unique, memorable experience. With its rustic charm and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, this barn provides an unforgettable atmosphere that your guests will love. Check our website or give us a call (706) 702-1787 and have your dream barn wedding!


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